About Me

Hi and welcome to my Happy Place!

I’m Nina.

Or Nina Balerina, as some of my loved ones call me. Even though the only thing I may have in common with a ballerina is that I spin around at happy moments!

I am passionate… about creating and living an inspired life and sharing my tips with others.

I love…

- the morning sun on my window

- the smell of espresso

- cherries

- comfy mornings with loved ones

- the fresh air that comes with a walk in the woods

If you're someone who also loves a good book, the feeling of sand under your feet, flowers, people that follow their dreams, yoga, animals, bicycles, colors everywhere, being here and now, enjoying life, you're in the right place.

And that place is the Happy Place. 

Happy Place is a happy state of mind. It is a playground, an escape from your busy everyday life.

It is a place where you can enjoy being yourself, just the way you are, travel in wonderful places, find inspiration, YOU-time and meet amazing people.

Happy Place is all there inside you. The adventure. The magic. The travel. The love. The peace.

I'm a certified Life Purpose Life Coach, offering you inspiration and motivation to live an amazing life. I’d like to show you that you can fulfill your dreams. I am here for you.

So come with me! Live, love, enjoy the ride!

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About Me

I’m Nina. I am passionate about creating and living an inspired life and sharing my tips with others.


I truly believe that life can be exactly as you dream it, that you can create it moment by moment. So just let yourself go and do what makes you heart sing!


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